March 22, 2012

Hot Enough For Ya?

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I was at Stratton yesterday and at the end of Tamarack (a trail for the unfamiliar) you have to cross North American (another trail) to get to Ursa (a chairlift… a mechanized conveyance to drag my fat self up the ¬†hill) the snow stopped.

For about 15 feet. I kinda had to shuffle across the grass. I pulled out a pair of 12 year old Rossi slalom skis. I am sorry I beat them up. They were fun to ski.

Where the heck am I going to ski now? Utah is out (50″ in Snowbird!). Chamonix is too far ( they just go a couple of feet). Stowe? Jay? Any advice?

I will do some cooking today. Gazpacho. Yes. Gazpacho. Why not? It’s going to be 80.

I have posted the new NINES Menu on the web site, so have a look.

Easter is coming up too, so plan ahead. Having advance reservations makes us feel better…

Stay cool.

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