April 2, 2012

One Week Until Vacation. We Have a Few Dishes Left…

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As I write this, I am planning a vacation to Barcelona, watching the Kansas-Kentucky game (listening to Louis critique Jayhawk defense), and figuring out a new veal special. Even with only 5 dinner services left (and the ever popular Easter Sunday Brunch), I am still cooking. Two weeks ago I made Gazpacho with a seared sea scallop. Tomorrow it will be back to veal stew. The kicker is Burlington’s Switchback Brewery‘s  Roasted Red Ale, which will give some great color, sweet-acid balance and a real neat hoppiness which will be offset by the onions and carrots I plan to add.

In other word, I can’t really rest. Not yet anyway.

We will offer up $25 Tuesday, THE NINES (I will update the menu Wednesday..) on Thursday, our BIG SALE Saturday Night (all entrees $35 and will include appetizer and dessert) and end the week with Easter Brunch from 10:30 TO 2:00. I can’t wait for Dina’s Dessert Buffet. Hope you can’t either.

Since I am reaching out to you a little differently than the usual Shameless Promotions, I’d love your feedback. Tell me what you think. What would you like to see more of (or less of) at Bistro? I am looking forward to a little break, but after a few days, I usually can’t wait to get back to it. Let me know how we can improve our game.

In the meanwhile, come hit that Ale Braised Veal!

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