March 20, 2012

Spring Has Sprung… And the winter that wasn’t.

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So it’s going to push 80 today. That means shorts in the kitchen. Adjusting the exhaust fan to “summer mode” so it spins faster and moves more air is essential. Breaks and meetings will happen in the walk-in, at least until we acclimate to the warm. Servers will indubitably mention “how hot the kitchen is.” Thanks for pointing that out. I did not notice the sweat dripping off my nose. Don’t worry, we pros are quite adept at making sure we keep sanitary.

Ski season, as great as it was (and it was pretty damn good I must say) is pretty much finished here for the year. Trying to figure out when to get to Killington… I would not mind Park City right now either!

Oh well. Better get on my bicycle.

Since I cannot leave without a little Shameless Promotion, How about $25 Tuesday tonight? The NINES on Thursday and Easter Brunch right around the bend. See it here.