September 15, 2015

Thinking About BBQ

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Slo Smoke Sundays at Bistro Henry Steak and Seafood are pretty awesome.

Our Cider Glazed spice rubbed half chicken is pretty close to as good as it gets. There was a lot of trial and error on that one. It really took some time to get the spice rub right. Brine, of course. Apple wood. It’s on the menu all the time.

Brisket… all beef. All American. Texas style. Spice rubbed and smoked for 14 hours. It’s a tricky piece of meat. I love the fat, the lean, the burnt ends, in a sandwich, by itself….

Pulled pork is Carolina style. That means it is smoked for 12-1 4 hours, pulled, not chopped, seasoned and devoured with a vinegar based spicy sauce. I love it on a roll with slaw.

Ribs are spare ribs. Baby backs have no place in my repertoire although I keep meaning to get some lamb ribs to play with. Anyway, spiced smoked, sauce is up to you. Our sauce, by the way, has some maple, some spice, some molasses. Not too much of anything, but mighty tasty.

I was talking to someone last night about the Super Star of the Slo Smoke Menu.

The Fat Henry Feast ( I thought of Slim Guy Slo Smoke, but who’d believe me) is a good amount of all 4 of the smoky goodness heaped on a giant platter that the servers have a love hate relationship with. They weigh about 5 pounds so they are brutal to haul… the hate part, but they make folks so happy… the love part. The best part? You can either eat it all in one sitting, truly a pro move , or bring the rest home and have like, 2 or 3 more meals. Where else can you get 2 dinners in one?