September 5, 2020

Towns evacuated floodwater heads to sale of homes as floodwaters recede

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Towns evacuated floodwater heads to sale of homes as floodwaters recede

By Alex Fournier

8 May 2014

As much as 2,100 homes were evacuated from the village of Caudillo after floodwaters receded Wednesday night, forcing the evacuation of thousands more who remained in their homes.

Residents of Caudillo, which lies in flood-prone areas of Orange County, said the evacuation of the village came as a great relief, but was accompanied by a further reduction of supplies and additional expenses, while also adding to the burden placed on residents of other communities whose houses were also located in flood-prone areas, like Cuyamaca, Long Beach and Riverside.

The village of around 1,300 residents was evacuated at 8:30 p.m. Wednesday after a massive torrent of water started pouring into Caudillo, inundating hundreds of homes. Residents in nearby Orange County’s coastal communities told the LA Times that residents of Caudillo “had no choice but to evacuate” because of concerns about the flood waters that threatened their houses.

A massive mudslide tore the roof off an apartment building in Caudillo, where a large amount of floodwater, estimated to be about five to 10 feet, washed up next to residents and businesses. More than two dozen cars, two buses, one trailer and several commercial trucks were swept away in the mudslide and one neighbor who lived in the apartment building said she could only get two feet to the street before the area fell apart.

Water poured int카지노 사이트o Caudillo and its surrounding neighborhoods, destroying houses, businesses and homes alike.

“You can’t believe these things are happening at night. This is madness,” said one resident, identified only as “C” from Orange County, told the LA Times.

Residents of Caudillo told the LA Times that there were some who were allowed to leave because of the flood threat that the water was creating.

“This house was hit because of the storm but we just had to leave,” one of the resident’s neighbors told the LA Times, saying residents were not informed beforehand of the danger of flooding.

T카지노 사이트his week, the US Army Corps of Engineers had to issue an update to the public about the size of the projected inundation, after finding that not all of its information, including the proje우리카지노cted flood volume, was correct. The update gave little notice of the extent of the flooding.

In addition to the large number of properties that residents and businesses lost, the flood water