January 31, 2017

Valentine’s Day… Saints or Sinners?

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Well, both actually.

I think the martyred Christian Saints were as bad off as the hapless fool who takes Valentine’s Day for granted. They, the fools that is,  miss an opportunity to show a little more appreciation for the special person in their lives.

Granted, I hope the relationship is strong enough to not result in a scourging or imprisonment in some dank Roman cell. Or a Chicago style Gangland massacre featuring the North Side Morans and the South Side Capones. If it’s that bad, no amount of wining, dining, Hallmark cards, chocolates, roses or Oysters will help. Best go it alone.

As far as Sinners go, we have the Romans, the WWF, the Pope Gelasiaus who took the fun out of Lupercalia, that much anticipated state sanctioned Roman orgy in the streets. 50 shades of Eternal City Grey…

So much for my random musings. I advocate for Valentine’s Day celebrations. I like to cook and see people come into our restaurant to have a good time. A nice wine, some good company, a delicious dinner… what a lovely, civilized way to spend the evening. We could all use a little civility.

We’ll be open on February 14. Just like every year. Hope to see you.